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Aftermath of ball tampering

The incident that has taken the cricketing fraternity by a storm involves two of the modern Australian superstars; from being the inconsistent leggie to become the prolific test batsman, Steve Smith has taken long strides in his career, from being one of the most arrogant cricketers of Australia to become a solid opener and a successful T20 captain, David Warner has come a long way. Along with these two, the incident also involves a youngster who is still new to this environment- Cameron Bancroft.

The third test between South-Africa and Australia was started on 22rd of March. And something curious has happened on the Day 3 of the test. Bancroft has asked for the ball, to shine; which is usually done by either Smith or Warner. The curious cameraman has spotted that and here we stand today.

After all the drama that has unfolded on the field, here are the conclusions to take forward:

  1. Bancroft has tampered the ball using a sticky-tape.
  2. Warner was the mastermind behind the plan.
  3. Smith has asked Bancroft to hide the tape.
  4. Smith, Warner, and Bancroft are only Australians to be involved.
  5. Bancroft was asked to perform the task by Warner.

Waking up to this shameful act by the Australian greats; the Australian crowd and officials were very much annoyed and disappointed. After studying the case and considering every possible situation, Cricket Australia (CA) has come up with some bold steps.

Here is the list of sanctions:
David Warner and Steven Smith are banned to play any international or national Cricket for 12 months, while they can play club Cricket
Bancroft is banned to play any international or national Cricket for 9 months, while he can play club Cricket
Warner, Smith, and Bancroft are supposed to undertake 100 hours of voluntary service in the community Cricket
Warner is permanently banned to take up any sort of captaincy position in future, while Smith and Bancroft have to wait for 12 months after the upliftment of ban to take any captaincy position.

With the insight of this decision, BCCI has banned Smith and Warner to participate in the IPL 2018.

While it is evident that Australian fans are frustrated, the cricketing fraternity should thank the supersport cameraman and Fanie de Villiers who played a vital role in exposing this act.

The fitness levels of Smith and Warner without playing a single international game for a year will also give a headache to the selectors ahead of 2019 WC

Can a single error in judgment put their career at stake? Do you guys think this level of punishment is appropriate?

Few more insights from our side, here are the previous ball tampering players and their sanctions:

Younis Khan- Banned for one match
Rahul Dravid- fined 50% of the match fee
Shahid Afridi- Banned for two T20 internationals
Faf Du Plessis (twice)- for the first time: fined 50% of the match fee, for the second time: fined 100% of the match fee

Having had a look at this, Smith and Warner- 12 months, Bancroft- 9 months? what do you say?

Please let us know in the comment section below and also share your thoughts on the incident.


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