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Rise of the phoenix

We all know this man for 14 years now, and he never failed to impress us throughout this tenure. There were many ups and downs in his career, but he never let that decide his future. When this guy is at the crease there is always a belief in the fans that they are going to prevail.

This guy has been the intensity, strength, and benefactor of the Indian blues for more than a decade now and it seems that he will be for quite more years.

He took the cricketing world by storm and sustained it through his tenure, well, he is not yet retired; but he seemed to have lost his Midas touch lately. Hang on- the Chennai Super Kings are back in the IPL and so does this vintage Mahi mania.

Yes, we are talking about our own ex-Captain of the Indian blues and the present leader of the kings in Yellow- Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

MS Dhoni, the name is enough for the bowlers to step back; however, he was not at his best in the last couple of years. Known for his finishing skills and leadership qualities MS Dhoni has been instrumental for India along with Virat Kohli to see them home in most of the cases.

Striking it big and carrying his team home has been the MSD thing for years now, while he was becoming a bit murky in performing his thing, the comeback of CSK to the IPL has helped his cause and we fans of this great sport are rejoicing watching him play the way he is doing now.

Smacking the maximum number of sixes in this IPL and seconding the longest six chart, Dhoni is making his bat talk more than his critics. With a lot of speculation about him continuing in the Indian blues can now be hushed.

Taking his team through in most of the encounters this IPL, Dhoni is setting up the stage to burn it down with his might and grit. Striking at 160 and thirding the most runs chart, this IPL has been the showcase of vintage Dhoni thus far.

Mahi mar raha hai, mahi mar Raha hai are the chants running through the CSK encounters lately. we are so thrilled to see our captain cool rise his game and entertain us. But, can he continue to do this for the Indian blues is what lingering in every cricket fan's head.


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