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English Summer or Indian Summer?

Only a few days remaining for the commencement of an enthralling contest between England and India and here is the synopsis of what can this contest offer us.

After a dismal performance by team India in 2014, they would be keen to showcase their skills and put on a skillful performance, so this series is going to either make or break the record books. Do watch out for the pitch conditions and fitness of the players
With just over 6 weeks we have 5 tests to be played, the first test would be starting on 1st of August while the last test would be starting on 7th of September; by no means, this is an easy task. Players should be conscious of injuries and at the same time should be fit enough to pull through the entire test series- especially for England team, as they are mainly reliant on fast bowlers and by no witchcraft, Anderson and Broad are getting younger day by day.

The Pitch hysteresis:
The current English Summer is more subtle and seems to be similar to the Indian Summer, so wha…